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September 18, 2019
1:34 AM

Speed Trailer  

The Mahwah Police Department operates a radar speed warning trailer which is helpful in reducing vehicle speeds in targeted areas. The device works by using K-band radar to determine the speed of an approaching vehicle and displays this speed on a large LED screen. The speed trailer notifies the driver of their speed and induces self compliance from a majority of motorists. The system can be configured to make the display flash at certain speeds allowing a higher level of alert to speeding drivers.

Placement of the speed trailer is usually followed by periodic patrol radar of the area when warranted. Please be aware that the system may not be available during certain times due to weather conditions, mechanical problems, or scheduling conflicts. To request the trailer be placed in your neighborhood, contact the Mahwah Police Department at 201.529.1000 Extension 244, or by E-Mailing Lt. Sinnaeve at rsinnaeve@mahwahpd.org

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