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July 16, 2019
4:33 AM

Mission Statement  


Our mission is to provide and maintain, as much as is practicable, and given all available resources, a feeling of security and safety among all persons within our legal jurisdiction. It is critical that all members understand and support this mission. The mission forms our legitimate basis for existence and is the basis of our professional ethics, rules, regulations, operating policies, procedure, and practices.


The mission is functionally defined by the power established by legislated authority and demands for service from the public. It is the direct and ultimate responsibility of the administrative head to interpret public demands and, within budgeted resources, provide for the best possible delivery of services.


The nature of public safety and security forces is varied. Examples include, but are not limited to: equal,  equitable  and fair enforcement of laws; responding to calls for non enforcement services; active patrol; housing of prisoners; public relations contacts; and the personal demeanor, conduct, and image of our personnel on duty as well as off duty. These services and the perception we create while engaging in these services are functionally defined, made real, and ultimately judged by the nature of the activities we engage in as well as how we appear while engaged in such activities. In summary, our mission is to deliver a service as well as a perception of service, i.e., a feeling of safety and security.


The authority by which we operate and the granted resources we are provided with are an affirmation of the public’s trust. Each employee must be cognizant that the misuse or inefficient use of these resources leads to citizen apathy, alienation, and eventually the loss of public confidence

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