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July 16, 2019
4:06 AM

Value Statement  

In our conduct and personal relationships, we value:

  • Interaction based upon honesty and mutual respect.
  • Integrity and ethical behavior at all times
  • An appreciation for the rights and feelings of others
  • Humility and a willingness to exercise fairness and impartiality toward all
  • Loyalty, dedication, and a commitment to assume responsibility for our own actions
  • Communication based upon a positive exchange of ideas and beliefs.
  • Resolution of differences through patience, negotiation, and acceptance of constructive criticism

In our professional performance, we value:

  • Equal protection and service for all
  • Responsiveness to the community through innovative practices and effective problem-solving
  • Superior leadership through training, experience,
    teamwork, and the effective management of resources
    Flexibility adaptability, and a positive attitude toward change
  • Loyalty and dedication to the law enforcement profession, the department, and the community we serve
  • Ethical conduct, honest, and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence all we do

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