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September 18, 2019
1:07 AM

Residential Burglaries  

In the past six weeks the Mahwah Police Department has responded to numerous residential burglaries in the Township. In addition to the Mahwah burglaries, towns surrounding the Township have also experienced residential burglaries. 


Each of the homes burglarized appeared unoccupied and did not have any interior or exterior lighting on.  The target of each burglary appears to be second floor bedrooms where jewelry was taken.


All residents are reminded to contact the Mahwah Police Department immediately should they see any suspicious vehicles or persons near their home. Anyone with questions or information is requested to contact the Mahwah Detective Bureau at 201-831-2020.



Home Security Tips


  • Your home should appear occupied at all times.  Use timers to switch on lights and radios on and off when you are not home.

  • Lock all doors and windows and set your alarm even if you leave the home for a short period of time.

  • Trim all shrubbery and trees that might shield a door or window.

  • Don’t leave notes for family members or service people on your doors and make arrangements with neighbors to pick up newspapers and deliveries left at the home.

  • Be a good neighbor.  Get to know your neighbors and agree to watch out for each others homes. 

  • Don’t leave a spare key in a mailbox or under a doormat.  If needed place a spare key in a plastic container and bury the container in the yard where it can be easily accessed.

  • Change all of the homes locks when you move into a new home.

  • Do not leave your automatic garage door opener in an unlocked car parked in the driveway. 

  • If someone comes to your home asking to use your telephone call a mechanic or for directions lock your door and immediately call the police.

  • Do not keep large sums of cash or irreplaceable jewelry in your home. Keep an up to date inventory of all jewelry and valuables with serial numbers.

  • Dogs are good deterrent; even small noisy dogs can be effective.

  • Additionally homeowners can Download the Mahwah Police Departments a home security survey by clicking here

Of course no method is 100% effective against burglaries, but by following these simple tips you can reduce your chances of being targeted.   

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