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Message From the Chief

The Mahwah Police Department is dedicated to excellence as an exemplary public safety agency. Our officers are committed to establishing an environment in which members of the department and the community continue to grow. We seek to be a catalyst for positive change through persistent, personalized and cost effective use of public safety resources. By embracing the values of pride, professionalism and integrity we remain committed to maintaining the public trust.

Our officers are dedicated to becoming part of the community through improved communication, mutual setting of goals and priorities, and a shared goal of community policing. Together our efforts will set the standard for policing in the 21st century.

We seek to improve the quality of life for all residents of Mahwah through a proactive team approach to timely and innovative interventions in community problems. I fully recognize that our officers are our most treasured asset and the cornerstone of our department's success. We value the diverse and unique contributions made by police employees, residents, and business owners to the common goal of public safety. This web page is provided for your use so that you are an informed community that understands the nature and direction of the Police Department

Stephen Jaffe
Chief of Police



Chief Stephen Jaffe was officially appointed and promoted to Chief of Police on April 4, 2019.

Mahwah Police Chief Jaffe being sworn in

Chief Stephen Jaffe joined the Mahwah Police Department in 1992 after transferring from the Dumont Police Department. He was promoted to Detective in 1997, and in 2002 was promoted to Captain and named Executive Officer and commander of the Investigative and Juvenile Divisions.

Chief Stephen Jaffe has a BBA in Finance from Pace University and a Master of Arts from Seton Hall University in Leadership and Human Resources. He is a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy (Class 241), the F.B.I. Law Enforcement Executive Development School (LEEDS) and the D.E.A. Drug Unit Commander School (Class#58). As Captain, he was executive officer of the Urban Area Security Initiative (U.A.S.I) Rapid Deployment Team from 2006-2011 and named Commanding Officer from 2011; until he stepped down in 2016. As Captain, he was among a select group of law enforcement officials chosen to travel in 2011 to Israel as guests of the Israeli government and National Police to observe their training, procedures, and methods in responding to and prevention of terrorists and terrorist attacks. Chief Jaffe has extensive training and certifications in the areas of WMD, CBRN and crowd control, as well as, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Threat and Risk assessments. Chief Jaffe was responsible for working since 2003 with the Mahwah School District to developing emergency procedures and training workshops with administrators and teaching staff and well known throughout the County as an expert in this area.

He is a member of the Mahwah Municipal Alliance; which is a group of community volunteers that are fortunate to partner with the Mahwah Police Department to provide important information and resources to its residents and youth that address critical social and mental health issues.

Mission Statement

Mahwah Officers participating in the Law Enforcement Memorial Service

Mahwah Officers participating in the Law Enforcement Memorial Service

Our mission is to provide and maintain, as much as is practicable, and given all available resources, a feeling of security and safety among all persons within our legal jurisdiction. It is critical that all members understand and support this mission. The mission forms our legitimate basis for existence and is the basis of our professional ethics, rules, regulations, operating policies, procedure, and practices.

The mission is functionally defined by the power established by legislated authority and demands for service from the public. It is the direct and ultimate responsibility of the administrative head to interpret public demands and, within budgeted resources, provide for the best possible delivery of services.

The nature of public safety and security forces is varied. Examples include, but are not limited to: equal, equitable and fair enforcement of laws; responding to calls for non enforcement services; active patrol; housing of prisoners; public relations contacts; and the personal demeanor, conduct, and image of our personnel on duty as well as off duty. These services and the perception we create while engaging in these services are functionally defined, made real, and ultimately judged by the nature of the activities we engage in as well as how we appear while engaged in such activities. In summary, our mission is to deliver a service as well as a perception of service, i.e., a feeling of safety and security.

The authority by which we operate and the granted resources we are provided with are an affirmation of the public’s trust. Each employee must be cognizant that the misuse or inefficient use of these resources leads to citizen apathy, alienation, and eventually the loss of public confidence.

Value Statement

In our conduct and personal relationships, we value:

  • Interaction based upon honesty and mutual respect

  • Integrity and ethical behavior at all times

  • An appreciation for the rights and feelings of others

  • Humility and a willingness to exercise fairness and impartiality toward all

  • Loyalty, dedication, and a commitment to assume responsibility for our own actions

  • Communication based upon a positive exchange of ideas and beliefs

  • Resolution of differences through patience, negotiation, and acceptance of constructive criticism

In our professional performance, we value:

  • Equal protection and service for all

  • Responsiveness to the community through innovative practices and effective problem-solving

  • Superior leadership through training, experience, teamwork, and the effective management of resources

  • Flexibility adaptability, and a positive attitude toward change

  • Loyalty and dedication to the law enforcement profession, the department, and the community we serve

  • Ethical conduct, honest, and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence all we do

Vision Statement

Leadership Academy 2019 - This year's leadership challenge involved Mallory's Army Foundation, in the fight against adolescent bullying, which caused this young lady to take her own life at 12 years old. The teams chose locations to raise money throughout the Township and was able to present a check to the foundation for $6132.00.

The Mahwah Police Department is committed to providing high quality police services to the community through community partnerships, problem-solving strategies, innovation, creativity, adaptability to an ever-changing environment and a participative management style through highly trained and disciplined employees using the latest technology.

Furthermore, we recognize that our most valuable resource in this commitment is our people and we strive to create a positive working atmosphere where creativity and participation abound.