Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation  


Through the Commission on Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., C.A.L.E.A…

the Township of Mahwah Police Department is a nationally accredited law enforcement agency.

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What is C.A.L.E.A. and what does it mean to the Mahwah Police Department?

This organization was created in 1979 by a combination of the efforts of four law enforcement organizations.

Each of these organizations function in an advisory capacity to C.A.L.E.A. and are responsible for appointing members of the Commission. The Commission was formed for two main reasons:

  • To develop a set of law enforcement standards

  • To establish and administer an accreditation process through which law enforcement agencies could demonstrate voluntarily that they meet professionally-recognized criteria for excellence in management and service delivery


The Mahwah Police Department benefits from this process in the following ways:


  • Ensures a sense of well being and safety in the hearts and minds of members of our community

  • Provides dollar and cents return on liability insurance coverage

  • Makes our jurisdiction more attractive to economic and community development

  • Assures Governmental leaders of Law Enforcement quality

  • Provides International Recognition and a venue for employee pride and morale

  • Provides the ability for the agency to analyze its delivery of services, measure its culpability, administer consistent discipline, and insulate itself against civil litigation

  • Provides assurance the members of the Mahwah Police Department are trained and are functioning in line with established departmental policies and procedures

  • Ensures that all policies and procedures are solidly documented in written form

  • Reinforces confidence that the agency is operating at an acceptable level of standards for the profession

  • Facilitates a solid review of the agency's status and readiness

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In 2003, the Mahwah Police Department was the 5th police agency in New Jersey to be Nationally Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. The Department achieved re-accreditation in March 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018. Most recently, the Mahwah Police Department was reaccredited for the seventh time in May 2019.

The Mahwah Police Department's Accreditation Manager's are Captain Guido Bussinelli and Tele-Communications Officer Karlie Sonne. Both have dedicated countless hours of time maintaining records of changes within the agency and modifying the policies that reflect those changes. They ensure the accreditation process continues as seamlessly as possible.

To learn more about the accreditation process visit the C.A.L.E.A. web site at