Citizens Are Able to Commend a Department Employee…

As a way of saying thanks for exemplary service or to let the employee know you appreciate their efforts in handling a problem.

You may complete the form using the link below. We will be sure to forward your message of thanks to the employee and include it in their personnel file. Please include the employee's name; date, time, and the location of incident; and the circumstances surrounding the event.

You can submit via the web form below or you may download the form and mail it in.

The Mahwah Police Department has a long-standing tradition of prompt and professional service. We look forward to hearing from those we serve about the conduct of our officers in performing their duties. If you feel the circumstances warrant, please provide the information requested below.



Please complete the form below

Name of Mahwah Police Officer
Name of Mahwah Police Officer
(if known)
Date of incident *
Date of incident
Time of incident *
Time of incident
Please describe where the officer’s actions took place:
Please provide a full account of your commendation of our officer, or dispatcher
Your Name
Your Name
Although you may wish to remain anonymous, we would certainly like to know who was so thoughtful to take the time to contact us.
Your Address
Your Address
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The employee and his supervisor will be informed of your commendation and it will be reflected in his/her file. Sometimes we may need additional information.


Download, print, complete the form and mail to:

Mahwah Police Department
Office of Professional Standards
221 Franklin Turnpike
Mahwah, New Jersey 07430

Or FAX to: 201-831-2069