Community engagement


Community Policing involves cultivating a partnership between the community and the police department.

The underlying intent is to resolve and prevent localized problems with engagement between the Police Department Staff and the community.

This engagement requires the need and practicality of a proactive approach to our responsibilities. By getting involved with various factions of the residential as well commercial stakeholders within the township, we hope to inform and educate the public in ways that can promote safety, security, and an improved quality of life for all those whose lives are affected by daily occurrences in Mahwah. Sometimes there is no alternative other than strict enforcement of the law however, in many cases equally positive results can be achieved by alternate methods.

There are actually two parts to our community policing efforts. The first is the tenet that Community Policing is a philosophy to be embraced by all members of the department as a part of their day-to-day operations. Taking an interest beyond what one would normally consider to be traditional responsibilities is essential. Officers must be willing to engage in thoughts and activities that would not normally be considered "police work". Referrals to agencies outside of law enforcement or providing immediate assistance if possible to a resident or business member to a specific problem is essential.

There are many ways that the police department reaches out to the public even before or without being called for a specific problem. Press releases and public advisories, which deal with issues such as crime prevention, safety issues and traffic concerns, are an important tool.  Presentations to neighborhood organizations and/or civic groups are utilized as well as well as safety presentations in schools for staff, students and parents. Allowing access to the police department by means of direct interaction between the public and representatives of the department is essential to good police-community communication and ultimately positive police-community engagement.

The Mahwah Police Department’s Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.) program and it’s L.E.A.D. trained Officers are proud to work and collaborate within the Township School District.

For questions or concerns regarding Community Policing: contact us by calling 201-529-1000 or by using our online contact form

2019 Youth Leadership Academy of Mahwah, NJ

2019 Junior Police Academy of Mahwah, NJ

Leadership Academy 2019: This year’s leadership challenge involved Mallory’s Army Foundation, in the fight against adolescent bullying, which caused this young lady to take her own life at 12 years old. The teams chose locations to raise money throughout the Township and was able to present a check to the foundation for $6132.00.
— Mahwah Police Dept & Mahwah Muncipal Alliance (MMA)