Beware: IRS Tax Scam Alert


Report all calls to

“The tactics used by these fraudsters are reprehensible. Following a few basic tips can help protect you and your wallet.”

In this particular scam, the caller claims to be an agent or police officer from the IRS or Attorney General’s Office calling about a past due tax balance that is owed.


The caller will tell the victim that unless that debt is paid immediately, a team of officers will come to the victim’s home that day to arrest them. They also will request that the “IRS Tax Warrant” be paid with a Green Dot Card Money Card or Western Union MoneyGram.

The scams often target seniors, students and first-generation Americans. The victim’s caller ID box often says “Internal Revenue Service” due to ID spoofing used by the scammers.

Sometimes the scammers also ask victims for personal information such as their Social Security number in order to commit identity theft.

Tips to avoid falling victim:

The IRS and legitimate government agencies never demand payment by phone. If you owe money, you will receive a notice in writing that identifies the agency and the reason you owe money. Do not give out personal information when you receive an unsolicited call. A legitimate caller will never request that a conversation remain a secret. The safest and best thing to do when you receive an unsolicited call is say “no” and hang up.

BulletinMark Manning