Life Saving Award: Hemmingway Lane Fire

Officer Thomas Mitchell, Assistant Chief Cord Meyers and Assistant Chief Tom Loreto recognized by the Mahwah Mayor and Council for rescuing an unconscious party from a burning condo and being presented with Life Saving Awards.

At approximately 0411 hours, the Mahwah Police Department received a fire alarm activation from Ridge Gardens Building #26 on Hemmingway Lane. Officer Mitchell along with the Mahwah Fire Department were dispatched to the scene.


 Upon arrival, no fire or smoke were visible, so Officer Mitchell and the Fire Chiefs started to check each residence for signs of fire or smoke. Through the windows of a ground floor apartment, Officer Mitchell observed smoke, flames visible, and the sprinkler system activated.

 All three entered the apartment and encountered a heavy smoke condition, and an unresponsive party on the couch. Officer Mitchell and Assistant Chief Loreto began to carry the victim, while Assistant Chief Meyers checked for other victims. He then assisted the other two with carrying the victim to a safe area away from the building. The victim was transported to the hospital suffering minor injuries thanks to the swift actions taken by Officer Mitchell and Mahwah Fire Chiefs.

Awards, NewsMark Manning